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What is DOU.K? A sustainable brand offering Made to Measure shirt for women and men


About dou.K 

Like every adventure, it starts with a statement. The statement of fast fashion, its’ over-consumption, the waste and the pollution generated. It is not a secret anymore that fashion is the second most polluting industry globally. We have become aware of this problem, and how our over-consumption is impacting our planet. From terrible statements, comes amazing solutions.. Beautiful brands all over the world are emerging, actively acting to minimize the impact of fashion on the environment.

We have the same challenge at DOU.K. After 5 years of experience managing Made-to-Measure divisions of several brands in Europe and New York, Marie decided to create her own label to offer a service of sustainable Made-to-Measure shirt for women and men in New York and Paris.

At DOU.K Studio we believe in: natural and organic fibers, recycled fibers, quality over quantity, social and environmental responsibility.

Today, DOU.K is happy to join all these wonderful initiatives in fashion. We offer a unique service to create your perfect and sustainable shirt, that will fit your everyday life.

And because we believe in transparency, feel free to email us and ask us any question! We would love to hear from you!

Marie Douat