The label

Discover the story of DOU.K Studio.


Working on the production side of fashion in NYC for several years, I saw firsthand the severely damaging impact the industry has on both the environment and the human workforce. It’s no longer a secret that fashion is the second most polluting industry globally. Too many people around the world suffer from the negative impact of fast-fashion, from extremely low wages to toxic and dangerous work environments.

From alarming observations come inspired solutions. Beautiful brands are emerging all over the world, passionately acting to minimize the impact of fashion on our planet while respecting its inhabitants. I, too, believe that fashion can be transparent, sustainable, and long-lasting. That’s why I launched DOU.K, a studio of custom-made shirting based in New York City and Paris. The studio works in close collaboration with the most renowned mills in Italy and Switzerland and offers 800 fabrics (all from natural, ethically-sourced fibers). Each DOU.K piece is made to order in a family-owned workshop in Poland, with a focus on minimizing waste. 

Because the human aspect is so important to me, I meet with each client for an in-depth consultation that includes up to 20 measurements to ensure a highly personalized fit for a truly unique result. With 80 collars, 30 cuffs, and 50 more options for customization, no two shirts are alike. I will happily replace frayed cuffs or collars so my clients can enjoy their DOU.K shirts for years to come, and also encourage them to ask me any questions they have about the production process. I want them to know exactly what they’re wearing, and what we stand for together. 

My inspiration comes from many places, but I always circle back to the ocean. Growing up in the south of France on the Atlantic Coast, water was a constant source of wonder for me. Since then I’ve traveled the world to dive and explore, coming back every time with unforgettable memories. I want to create clothing that will make a strong impression, and accompany you during the most memorable times of your life as well as your everyday adventures. I hope that DOU.K can help you create these moments, making you feel more confident and like yourself every time you wear your shirt. 

Marie Douat