DOU.K Studio

DOU.K is a studio of custom-made shirting for women and men based in New York City and Paris. Discover a unique experience of made-to-measure shirts.

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A bespoke experience for timeless elegance

DOU.K is a studio of custom-made shirting based in New York City and Paris. We craft unique pieces that will be with you for years to come, and we’re excited to work together on defining your style, creating pieces that will bring you a strong sense of self and carve a cherished place in your memory. 

We partner exclusively with highly-skilled artisans in Europe, and are committed to minimizing our impact on the planet. DOU.K’s purpose is to make beautifully unique shirts for everyone. We’re proud to offer a range of options and fits designed for men and for women, opening the bespoke experience to a new female clientele. 



Until now, the bespoke tailoring industry has focused almost exclusively on men, something DOU.K Studio is working hard to change.

We’ve developed specific fits for women to ensure your shirt fits as perfectly as your favorite Little Black Dress.

Share your dreams or your moodboard with us, and we’ll be delighted to design a luxurious, fun, or edgy piece that best reflects your style. The sky’s the limit! Take a look at our Stories to get inspired. Prices start at $300.

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Shirts are part of your everyday adventures. DOU.K will craft your ideal business shirt with a perfect fit in your favorite fabric, but we’re also here for the special moments in your life.

Explore luxurious cashmeres for nights out, the finest cottons for memorable events, or relaxed linens for a polished weekend look.

There’s a DOU.K shirt for every occasion.

Prices start at $300.



The story of a shirt starts with its fabric. We work in close collaboration with the most renowned mills in Europe, such as Albini and Thomas Masson in Italy and Alumo in Switzerland.

We offer 800 natural, ethically-sourced fabrics such as cotton, cashmere, poplin, oxford, pinpoint, panama or wool, all with a minimum thread count of a 100. Our offering also includes organic fabrics and ones that are certified Oeko-Tex 1000.

We’ll help you pick the perfect one to match your lifestyle and personality.

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Marie Douat meets with you personally in New York City or Paris at an address of your choice for an in-depth consultation that includes up to 20 measurements.

Your lifestyle, wants, and needs are all carefully considered.

With 80 collars, 30 cuffs, and 50 more options for customization, your DOU.K shirt will be truly unique.

Once ready, your order will be hand-delivered to you so we can check that the fit is just right.



Every DOU.K shirt is made in Poland with care (and love). We work exclusively with a family-owned factory which has been making shirts and blouses (ready-to-wear or made-to-measure) for some of the most renowned fashion brands since 1989. Production takes about four weeks. We believe in transparency and welcome your questions about how DOU.K shirts are made.

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