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The Hannah Dress

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We are so excited to reveal our special project - The Hannah Dress. Since the beginning of DOU.K, Marie, our founder, wanted to develop a special product on a yearly basis. The Hannah dress is the first of what we hope will be a long series!

This project was born with the desire of reuniting essential elements: travel, craftsmanship, beautiful materials, design, the protection of the environment and the artisan.

We wanted to create a unique and feminine shirt, a special creation that will empower women, and this is how the idea of a sensual dress shirt was born. The dress needed to be sourced and made locally. A piece worn by a woman to empower other women.

While on the road in Rajasthan in December 2017, Marie was looking for an embroiderer artisan to work on this project. She met with many artisans and finally ended up in the town of Bagru. This village is specialized in Block Print for over 250 years. After falling in love with the village, its’ people, the colors and the incredible craftsmanship, Marie decided that the dress will be made in Bagru. We had the chance to work in collaboration with Studio Bagru, who helped us in every step of the creation of the dress. We could not thank them enough for their incredible work and passion.


The dress is inspired by the classic Neapolitan mens shirt, with a touch of India, Japan and France. The finest Neapolitan shoulder, the collar mixing perfectly the french and italian styles, the delicate belt to emphasize your waist, and the softness of the organic dobby cotton make the Hannah Dress very special. The design of the flowers, block printed by hand, is the perfect combination of Japanese and Indian patterns.  

The Hannah Dress has a versatile design allowing you to wear this dress in many ways, for a classy night, a walk on the beach barefoot or for a lunch date with your best friend. An intemporal design that will allow you to wear it at anytime.

The Hannah dress is 100% made in India, from the raw materials to the finish. The production of the Hannah Dress has a very efficient supply chain which allows us to drastically reduce the carbon footprint. The fabric was locally and ethically sourced in Ahmedabad, from the amazing mill Herbal Fab. We wanted to highlight this beautiful handicraft, the process of block printing.  The design of our flowers required the artisans to sculpt by hand 3 different pieces of wood and apply 3 passages of block printing which represented hours of work. We are so glad and honored to have had the chance to work with all these artisans, like Sushila and Damadar Chhipa.

Our design hand cut on a a wood piece

Our design hand cut on a a wood piece

Sushila and Damadar Chhipa

Sushila and Damadar Chhipa

The dress is sewn in a master tailoring workshop in Jaïpur. At every step of the production, we made sure that workers and the environment were protected. Jeremy Fritzhand, founder of Studio Bagru, followed the production to make sure all our standards were met.

For all these reasons, it made sense for DOU.K to give back to an organization that will help the less fortunate in India. We have decided to give 20% of the profit to a local all-girls orphanage in Gujarat.

Girls orphanage
orphanage morbi

All the dresses will be available during a special event on Thursday, June 28th, in Manhattan. If you are interested in attending and learning more about the Hannah Dress, please contact us at! Our goal is to raise an additional $5000 to create an educational initiative in collaboration with the people who take wonderful care of the  girls and offer them better opportunities for the future.

The Hannah Dress is made to support artisans and young women. We hope you will join us. We have so much more to come! Stay tuned!  


DOU.K Studio Team


Hannah Dress