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Personal Chefs for Everyone: Bespoke House Calls in the Digital Age

“My customers work a lot. They want a different experience,” said Ms. Douat, who owns DOU.K, the company behind the custom shirts.”


Exclusive and tailor-made: With a high level of personalization, DOU.K seduces a female audience.

“The french woman Marie Douat worked for many years in the fashion industry before launching, in 2017, DOU.K Studio, an exclusive custom-made shirt label in New York and Paris.”

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I Gave Up Fast Fashion. Here’s What I’m Wearing Instead.

“One of the best things I’ve gotten is a custom shirt from Dou.k made from organic materials in ethical factories.”


22 Eco-Friendly Brands to Shop on Earth Day

“To celebrate Earth Day, my company MAISON DE MODE collaborated with DOU.K Studio on the cutest set of eco-friendly PJ’s! This top-and-bottom set - which can also be worn separately as daywear - is made with OEKO-TEX 100 certified fabrics (aka natural and organic) and they are embroidered with “ECO(LOGIC)” on the pant cuff and and “DOWN-TO-EARTH” on the breast pocket. Talk about wearing your values!" -


Amanda Hearst's Eco-Friendly Style Must-Haves for Earth Month

"To celebrate Earth Day, my company MAISON-DE-MODE.COM partnered with DOU.K Studio to make the cutest eco-friendly PJ.’s! The top is embroidered with “DOWN-TO-EARTH” on the breast pocket and the pants have “ECO(LOGIC)” woven on the cuff.”

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The DOU.K Studio experience – bespoke shirts to fit your personality

“I had the privilege to enjoy the ‘DOU.K Studio’ experience myself when Marie, founder and creative director of the French New York-based firm, went over taking my measures to make my very special and unique DOU.K customized and personalized button-shirt.”