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The Elia Shirt

The Elia Shirt


A long navy voile cotton shirt to wear as a dress over your swimwear or as jacket over your favorite denim to rock the city, it is as versatile as it is fashionable. The Elia shirt is crafted from deep blue voila cotton certified Oeko Tex, punctuated by elegant orange stitching on the cuff, and beautiful buttons made from mussel shell. Additionally, a design depicting the powerful eye of a strong humpback whale has been hand-embroidered on the back of the shirt. 

It is a little reminder that our mother earth’s lungs are dying — and earth’s magnificent creatures are watching. 

Every single DOU.K shirt is made with a sense of purpose. In early 2018, Marie met with Pierre Lavagne de Castellan, founder of the Shelltone Whales project in Guadeloupe. For more than 10 years, Pierre has been trying to recreate a connection with the humpback whales through their own song. Read more about their mission and fascinating work in our journal. We will be donating 10% of our profit to this important effort.

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